Quartz, var. Amethyst
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Quartz, var. Amethyst

Specimen # 101202
Mineral: Quartz, var. Amethyst
Location: Quartz, var. Amethyst, Sidi Rahal, El Kelaa des Sraghna Province, Morocco


A distinctive, different specimen of Sidi Rahal amethyst, this one features a group of radiating crystals. Many of the  amethyst crystals have prsim faces, and they are tinted red wby hematite inclusions. In excellent condition – no damage from the display side and a couple of nicks visible at the back with magnification. Great piece!

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Out of interest, there are photographs from Sidi Rahal in Morocco: The Northern Sahara and the Atlas Mountains (Part 1) .

Additional information

Dimensions 59 × 53 × 51 cm