Quartz, var. Amethyst
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Quartz, var. Amethyst

Specimen # 102328
Mineral: Quartz, var. Amethyst
Location: Quartz, var. Amethyst, Purple Flame Pocket, Cabbaras Co., North Carolina, USA


Detailed Description

This is a beauty, with pale amethystine quartz atop an earlier generation of dark quartz crystals. With backlighting, one can see that the lower crystals contain zones of amethyst. The top crystals are sharp and lustrous, in excellent condition with no damage. The lower crystals have a lower lustre. A sweet, aesthetic specimen from this small find.

About these Quartz Specimens

These specimens are from a 2018 find at a road construction project, which has now been completed. Most of the specimens were relatively lightly amethystine with sceptred growth over darker core crystals.