Quartz, var. Amethyst, Cristobalite Inclusions
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Quartz, var. Amethyst, Cristobalite Inclusions

Specimen # 201047
Mineral: Quartz, var. Amethyst, Cristobalite
Location: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Size: 7.0 x 4.1 x 3.8 cm


This amethyst crystal features a group of prominent inclusions of cristobalite. The amethyst itself is primarily a termination, with the remainder being bounded by angular, tapering striated contact faces. It’s in good condition with minor chipping. The cristobalite inclusions look like balls but they are actually fairly flat disc-like cups. The surfaces facing outward toward the viewer have microcrystals on them – they appear to be goethite and pyrite, but that’s only a guess. Super cristobalite inclusions from the John S. White quartz collection.