Roselite, Beta-Roselite, Calcite
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Roselite, Beta-Roselite, Calcite

Specimen # 102223
Mineral: Roselite, Beta-Roselite, Calcite
Location: Roselite, Beta-Roselite, Bou Azzer District, Tazenakht, Ouarzazate Province, Morocco
Size: 5.6 x 2.9 x 2.3 cm


Detailed Description

This roselite-calcite combination is beautiful and really different – it is a tower of sharp calcite crystals with roselite crystals perched on them. The roselite crystals are well defined and translucent to transparent, with beautiful colour. There are also a few micro crystals of orange-brownish beta-roselite, nestled among the calcites. In excellent condition, no damage to the roselites, a couple of minor cleaved calcites. This piece is ex Tomasz Prazkier.

A gorgeous, distinctive specimen from this now-closed contemporary classic locality.

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About These Agoudal Mine Roselites

Important Note about the minerals Roselite and Beta-Roselite – Roselite forms a series with wendwilsonite, where the ratio of cobalt to magnesium varies, and the correct identification of a specimen depends upon where along the spectrum that individual specimen lies. Similarly, beta-roselite forms a series with talmessite on the same basis. The minerals of these two series can only be distinguished from one another on the basis of an analysis that determines the levels of magnesium. As roselite and beta-roselite are considered to be the more commonly occurring members of each series, Tomasz Prazkier and I have labeled these specimens roselite and beta-roselite – they have not been analyzed.

The Agoudal Mine has been a famous source of many excellent mineral specimens for years. In particular, it has been known for beautiful cobaltoan calcite. The locality has included underground and surface workings. I understand from Tomasz that all workings at the Agoudal Mine have now ceased. This is sad news for mineral collectors, as the Agoudal Mine has produced some of the finest cobaltoan calcites and roselites ever found anywhere.

Additional information

Dimensions 23 × 56 × 29 cm