Rutile (Twinned)
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Rutile (Twinned)

Specimen # 201187
Mineral: Rutile
Location: Farm field nr. Quarryville, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Size: 4.0 x 3.6 x 3.4 cm


This is a great twinned rutile from a farm field near Quarryville in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. The fields in Lancaster Co. and adjoining Chester Co. are famous old (Dana) localities dating back to the early 19th century (with many specimens labeled “Parkesburg”, as the fields around Parkesburg produced fine crystals). The rutile crystals from this region were recovered from the loose soil, and many are weathered.

This specimen is a sharp twin, with a predominant elbow (or geniculate form) with terminal faces on either side. However, upon closer inspection, it is a more complex repeated twin – it has the classic zigzag striations so classic and distinctive of the rutiles from here, and I would call it a cyclic twin, even though the overall elbow form is dominant. It’s in very good condition overall, with some edge chipping (the main chipped edge: first photo the right edge, second photo it’s upper right, and then obvious in the later photos when rotated). This is typical of the Pennsylvania farm field rutile crystals of a decent size, even those in the museums.

Just to assist you in orienting the photos: the first and second are with the display face forward. Photos 3-6 are in the basic orientation of the first photo, each with the specimen rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise (the last one a little less than 90).

Originally collected by Dick Bowers, subsequently in the collections of Bob Brubaker, Skip Colflesh and then the John S. White Pennsylvania Collection. A super specimen of a Pennsylvania/US classic!