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Specimen # 101270
Mineral: Strontianite
Location: Strontianite, Oberdorf an der Laming, Styria, Austria
Size: 6.2 x 4.4 x 3.6 cm


Detailed Description

A superb, aesthetic cluster of sharp crystals of strontianite. The crystals are pseudo-hexagonal with a parallel-growth habit. In exceptional condition, on close inspection there are a couple of smaller abraded tips lower on the piece. Standing with a bit of support as photographed, this is a dramatic specimen. Amazing for the species.

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About these Strontianites

These strontianites are from the collection of Franz Lammer (1914-1997), and were collected during the period approximately 1967-1992. Although strontianite is a relatively common mineral, it is difficult to obtain fine collection specimens of sharp crystals. Among the finest ever found are the specimens that came from the magnesite deposit at Oberdorf an der Laming, Styria, Austria, a locality that has produced superb crystals of a few different habits.

Additional information

Dimensions 62 × 44 × 36 cm