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Specimen # 101269
Mineral: Strontianite
Location: Oberdorf an der Laming, Styria, Austria
Size: 10.4 x 7.5 x 6.8 cm


Detailed Description

This large cabinet specimen is made up entirely of radiating groups of parallel-growth strontianite crystals. The pseudo-hexagonal strontianite crystals are sharp and lustrous. This crystal aggregate grew within a seam, and the sides show some contact with that seam – the one that interrupts the crystals is oriented around the back as displayed. In excellent condition – three missing crystal tips, minor in the context of this piece. Stands perfectly for display. A truly remarkable specimen of strontianite – amazing crystals.


About these Strontianites

These strontianites are from the collection of Franz Lammer (1914-1997), and were collected during the period approximately 1967-1992. Although strontianite is a relatively common mineral, it is difficult to obtain fine collection specimens of sharp crystals. Among the finest ever found are the specimens that came from the magnesite deposit at Oberdorf an der Laming, Styria, Austria, a locality that has produced superb crystals of a few different habits.