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Specimen # 100958
Mineral: Synchysite
Location: Synchysite, Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil


Detailed Description

A sharp, bullet-shaped hexagonal crystal of synchysite. Hollowing/layering at the termination reveals the core. A great synchysite specimen.

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About these Synchysites

These remarkable synchysite crystals are from a recent small pocket at Novo Horizonte. The crystals are particularly interesting on closer inspection – they are internally zoned and, with magnification, layering is evident at the surface and around the terminations. Crystals of synchysite (such as the classic ones from Narssarssuk, Greenland) and other rare-earth carbonate minerals have often been shown in studies to be comprised of more than one closely-related rare-earth carbonate mineral.

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 8 × 8 cm