Uvite Tourmaline (Pleochroic)
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Uvite Tourmaline (Pleochroic)

Specimen # 100965
Mineral: Uvite Tourmaline (Pleochroic)
Location: Uvite Tourmaline (Pleochroic), Magnesite, Pombas Mine, Brumado (Bom Jesus dos Meiras), Bahia, Brazil
Size: 5.9 x 3.6 x 2.5 cm


This specimen features uvite tourmaline crystals to 1.2 cm on magnesite with crandallite. The uvite crystals are sharp, lustrous and glassy. They are in excellent condition – no damage. Mounted on a stand to show the main uvite head-on (as in the first two photo) the superb main uvite crystal has a dark purple hue, contrasting well with the magnesite.

The uvites on this piece have a predominantly darkish purple hue –  it is not bright or vivid deep purple. The uvites from this find are pleochroic, and this phenomenon is visible upon careful examination of this specimen – as one views the crystals closely from different angles, subtle dark green hues (typical of Brumado uvites) are discernable from certain directions. The greenish hues are visible when looking through certain prism faces.

There are sharp, colourless, transparent magnesite crystals in association, and micro tan-coloured crystals of crandallite.

A great display piece of pleochroic uvite.

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Additional information

Dimensions 59 × 36 × 25 cm