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Specimen # 102100
Mineral: Wodginite
Location: Wodginite, Itatiaia Mine, Conselheiro Pena, Minas Gerais, Brazil


Detailed Description

This is a sweet wodginite – it is fully crystallized all around, and has top sharpness and lustre. The second photo is lookin down on the termination from the top. In excellent condition – almost no chipping, exceptional quality for the find. A great crystal of this uncommon species.

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About These Wodginites

Wodginite is not a common mineral, and it is quite difficult to acquire good crystals. These ones are from a 2017 find that produced a relatively small number of specimens. Their idetification has been confirmed at the University of Arizona, and, along with subsequent EDS work, it has been established that of the various members of the wodginite group, they are wodginite.   

When initially found, they were sold within Brazil with incorrect locality information. This is often done to protect an original source soon after a find, although it's not clear whether that was the reason in this case. In any event, they are confirmed to be from the Itatiaia Mine, and the original attibution of early specimens to "Linopolis District, Divino das Laranjeiras" should be corrected.

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 27 × 16 cm