Wulfenite, Calcite
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Wulfenite, Calcite

Specimen # 100772
Mineral: Wulfenite, Calcite
Location: Wulfenite, Calcite, Ahmad Ahad, Yazd Province, Iran
Size: 7.7 x 4.8 x 3.4 cm


Detailed Description

This is a striking piece. The wulfenite blades, up to 3.1 cm, are coated by sparkling calcite crystals. The quality of this piece is outstanding for this find, as these are delicate specimens Рfrom my preferred display angle, only two incomplete crystals at the bottom front and one bottom right, and the the way I would display it (as photographed in the first photos), these are along the bottom border, not remotely distracting. (A couple of incomplete crystals on the reverse/back side). Around the back of the specimen, crystal surfaces of underlying wulfenite are visible, and you can clearly see colour zoning.

Very cool – a great wulfenite specimen!

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About these Specimens

Although Iran has long been known to be a source of spectacular mineral specimens, it has never been easy to procure them. A window opened for a while, and these specimens came out in 2012, from contemporary finds at that time. (They made their debut in Ste Marie in 2013.) Sanctions in various jurisdictions around the world since then have restricted specimen buying, but hopefully this will change so that we’ll be able to see more interesting things from Iran again.

Additional information

Dimensions 77 × 48 × 34 cm