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Specimen # 100581
Mineral: Wulfenite
Location: Ojuela Mine, Mapimí, Durango, Mexico
Size: 12.2 x 7.9 x 4.9 cm


This cabinet specimen features remarkable wulfenite crystals. Although we are used to seeing zoning in Ojuela wulfenites, the wulfenite crystals on this piece look at a quick glance as if they feature particularly dark zoning bands across their centres. In fact, upon closer inspection, the dark bands are microcrystalline mimetite crystals, and looking around the specimen with magnification, one can theorize about how these formed. It seems that the first generation wulfenite crystals on this specimen were tabular, and this phase of wulfenite crystallization was followed by the deposition of  microcrystalline dark olive mimetite. After the mimetite, the second phase of wulfenite crystallization appears to have occurred, using the first generation tabular wulfenites as the starting point for the development of the bipyrimidal yellow crystals.  With magnification, one can clearly see first generation mimetite-coated tabular wulfenites, and one can also see different examples of second generation wulfenite crystal development with these original wulfenites. (If you have a different interpretation, drop me a note!)

The specimen is in very good condition – there are small missing crystals and tips, but across the main crystallized area which is the area of focus, this is minimal.

This is an amazing wulfenite. Truly fascinating.