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Specimen # 201192
Mineral: Wurtzite
Location: Old Penfield Rd. (formerly Mt. Church Rd.), Horton Twp., Elk Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Size: 2.2 x 1.8 x 1.3 cm


This specimen hosts sharp tapered micro crystals of wurtzite to approximately 2 mm in length. In excellent condition, a couple of incomplete crystals on the right-hand side of the crystal groupings.

This is a rare locality piece from a coal mining area in Elk Co., Pennsylvania, where operations date back to the  late 19th century. The specific locality along what is now Old Penfield Road was discovered in 1993 by Joe Dague – it was an erosion channel exposing material that had likely been dumped from old mining operations. Under magnification, these are very cool crystals! From the John S. White Pennsylvania Collection.