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Specimen # 200543
Mineral: Aragonite
Location: Giumentaro Mine, Capodarso, Enna, Sicily, Italy
Size: 7.6 x 5.0 x 3.2 cm


An Italian classic from the Pete Richards collection, this specimen is comprised of intergrown, pseudohexagonal twinned crystals of aragonite. The crystals are sharp and lustrous, with a slightly greenish cream-coloured hue.

Under short-wave ultraviolet light, this specimen exhibits strong orange fluorescence, with internal zoning clearly apparent in the crystals (the zoning is not visible in normal lighting conditions). Under long-wave ultraviolet light, the aragonite is a bright cream colour. After UV illumination, the specimen exhibits bright green phosphorescence before fading (fades in seconds, but the phosphorescence is certainly distinct).

In good condition, some chipping and a couple of missing crystals. Additional colour is visible in UV where the crystals are missing.

The Giumentaro Mine was a famous Sicilian sulphur mine that ceased operations in 1984.


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