Cuprite, Chrysocolla
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Cuprite, Chrysocolla

Specimen # 200214
Mineral: Cuprite, Chrysocolla
Location: Mashamba West Mine, Kolwezi Mining District, Lualaba, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Size: 5.9 x 4.7 x 2.9 cm


Detailed Description

Sharp, deep red metallic cuprite crystals perched on light green chrysocolla. Strong backlighting reveals the dark red internal colour. The cuprite crystals are sharp with good lustre. In very good condition – the top crystal is almost pristine with tiny chipping to the back of the terimination and the lower crystal has chipping on the far right side as displayed (it also has a shallow contact pattern on the left edge). This specimen is from the finds in the 1980s at Mashaba West, prized for the way the cuprites stand out from the contrasting chyrsocolla.