Grossular Garnet
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Grossular Garnet

Specimen # 200262
Mineral: Grossular Garnet
Location: Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Estrie, Quebec, Canada
Size: 3.5 x 2.3 x 2.2 cm


A champagne-coloured grossular crystal from the Steve Szilard collection. This is a rare hue for grossular from any locality, but Jeffrey Mine grossulars occasionally were quite lightly-coloured and even colourless. This crystal is a sharp trapezohedron with dodecahedral faces – it has brilliant lustre. In excellent condition, no damage to the main crystal, just a contact behind, where it attached. The crystal has an internal fracture line, visible in the second photo – this is entirely internal – when there aren’t reflections off of faces (such as in the first photo), there is a slightly lighter and slightly darker part of the crystal divided by the line, depending on how you light it.  A beautiful and unusually-coloured grossular!

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