Hematite, Quartz
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Hematite, Quartz

Specimen # 200571
Mineral: Hematite and Quartz
Location: Chub Lake, St. Lawrence Co., New York, USA
Size: 4.3 x 4.1 x 2.7 cm


Detailed Description

A wonderful specimen of bright, lustrous hematite blades, together with a Cumberland-habit quartz crystal. The crystals are sharp! In excellent condition Рthe quartz crystal is slightly  contacted on the rear of the left-hand termination (as oriented in the first photo), not damaged. From the Pete Richards collection, he collected it in July 1984. This is a beautiful specimen!

About these Chub Lake Hematites

The Chub Lake prospect has been known since the 1850s, and fine specimens were collected there (and at area hematite mines in St. Lawrence Co., around Edwards and Fowler) in the 19th century. For quite some time in the 20th century, the localities had fallen into obscurity. In 1983, Chub Lake was rediscovered by George Robinson, Schuyler Alverson and Ronald Waddell, and for a time thereafter, it was worked by collectors for specimens. Pete Richards was one of those collectors – he collected there at the peak of this activity in 1984. The locality is no longer a prolific producer of collector specimens.