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Specimen # 101175
Mineral: Howlite
Location: Howlite, Bras D'Or Lake, Iona, Victoria Co., Nova Scotia, Canada
Size: 3.5 x 3.2 x 2.0 cm


Detailed Description

This 1.7 cm group of radiating howlite crystals is really defined by the two largest crystals (as you can see in the photos, at approximately 90 degrees to one another) and the arrangement of the radiating crystals is particularly aesthetic. The howlite crystals are sharp, lustrous and translucent, standing in relief on the anhydrite. In excellent condition, one missing tip at the bottom of the cluster. A beautiful howlite specimen.

About These Howlites

The howlite crystals from Bras D’Or Lake, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia are the best known – to date, this is the world’s only locality to produce howlite crystals, other than a California locality with microscopic ones.

This place can be a little rough… which is a very good thing in some ways, and less so in others!

Additional information

Dimensions 35 × 32 × 20 cm