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Specimen # 200292
Mineral: Millerite
Location: Thompson Mine, Thompson Nickel Belt, Manitoba, Canada
Size: 8.2 x 5.4 x 5.1 cm


Balls of radiating needle-like millerite crystals from the 1990s find at Thompson, northern Manitoba. This find was a world-class occurrence for the mineral, and the mine has not produced anything like it since. This piece is certainly a little more 3-D than the first photo would suggest, and it’s probably a little less 3-D than the side view (third photo) suggests (the lighting in the third photo just accentuates the balls a lot, that’s all). The millerite aggregates are interlocking balls of radiating crystals, which one can easily see when examining more closely. Around the edges of the specimen, the cross-sections of the incomplete millerite balls exhibit the radiating habit clearly. In excellent condition. From the Steve Szilard collection, a fine Canadian millerite.

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