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Specimen # 200460
Mineral: Rutile
Location: Graves Mountain, Lincoln Co., Georgia, USA
Size: 3.2 x 2.9 x 2.4 cm


This is a superb Graves Mountain rutile crystal – it has it all. Top mirror-bright lustre, sharp faces, text book form and even some deep red internal glints under bright light. At a glance this crystal appears untwinned, but rutile crystals from Graves Mountain are usually twinned, and upon close inspection one can see tiny offset re-entrants, so it is in fact twinned. I have a soft spot for rutile, which means I’ve looked at many, closely, over the years – this is a beauty. The third photo is from above, looking down on the top termination faces. The crystal is in pristine condition. From the Pete Richards collection.

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