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Specimen # 200269
Mineral: Vesuvianite
Location: Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Estrie, Quebec, Canada
Size: 6.3 x 5.4 x 4.1 cm


This specimen from the Steve Szilard collection hosts sharp, lustrous green crystals of vesuvianite. They are glassy, with steep pyramidal terminations.  The cores of the vesuvianite crystals are magenta.

This piece is unusual  it is from a zone where some of the vesuvianite came apart as the mineralization was forming, and then re-crystallized as uneven surfaces with a different lustre. Very hard to photograph this piece (I rarely admit photographic defeat on this website…). The specimen hosts excellent crystals and incomplete ones, some due to this natural activity in the geological past, some not. These incomplete crystals allow one to see the core colour zoning. The crystal in the middle is an absolute jewel.

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