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Specimen # 200528
Mineral: Wulfenite
Location: Mezica Mines, Mezica, Slovenia
Size: 11.2 x 6.7 x 3.6 cm


A gorgeous specimen, where the wulfenite crystals are clustered almost like a wreath, enclosing a block of limestone matrix. The wulfenite growth is complex – upon close examination, one can see very thin plates formed initially, with additional subsequent growth, sometimes on one side of the plate, more often on both sides, but not evenly developed. The subsequent growth includes pyramidal wulfenite crystal faces and is super with a little magnification (a loupe is all that is necessary to appreciate this). In excellent condition overall, a couple of incomplete crystals. the largest crystal measures 2.4 cm across. Stands perfectly for display as photographed.

The Mezica mining complex is one of the world’s great localities for wulfenite. Operated for over 300 years (until the end of the 20th century), the mines at Mezica are accessed by over 300 adits, leading to over 1000 km of mine tunnels.

From the Pete Richards collection, this is a beautiful cabinet specimen of wulfenite from a classic European locality.

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