• Clinozoisite from Peru

    Great clinozoisite crystal groups from the new find at Cerro San Cristobal, San Vincente de Cañete, Peru.

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  • Alabandite from Tanzania

    Great specimens from Tanzania, including alabandite, diopside, prehnite, grossular var. tsavorite, tremolite, kyanite twins, and spessartine.

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  • Roselite from Morocco

    Superb new specimens from the Bou Azzer District, including erythrite, gersdorffite, roselite, skutterudite and cobaltoan calcite.

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  • Goethite-Marcasite from Egypt

    Excellent goethite pseudomorphs after marcasite from the White Desert, north of Farafra Oasis, Egypt.

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  • Wulfenite from Morocco

    New intense orange wulfenites from Mibladen, and blue barites from Jebel Ouichane in this new update.

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