Posted by: Raymond McDougall on 06.03.2016 | Filed under: Latest, Recent Mineral Updates

I’ve posted some great new specimens from Tanzania, including excellent alabandite crystals (very large for the species), a beautiful sharp corundum (ruby) crystal, a super twinned orange kyanite, dravite tourmalines, scapolite, spinel and prehnite.

Posted by: Raymond McDougall on 11.25.2014 | Filed under: Adventurers, Bancroft, Ontario, Latest

Many Bancroft Area minerals are classics. Although fine specimens from the Bancroft Area are uncommon on the international market, they can still be field collected. Bancroft mineral collecting continues each year and it is beautiful in the fall. I thought you might like some glimpses of our fall, scenes, wildlife and recent mineral collecting in the Bancroft Area.