Posted by: Raymond McDougall on 08.30.2022 | Filed under: Latest, Recent Mineral Updates

I’ve posted new worldwide mineral specimens from the Gerald Panneton collection. This update features spectacular pieces, some of which are right up with the best I’ve offered on the website.

Posted by: Raymond McDougall on 08.06.2016 | Filed under: Latest, Mineral Shows

There really is no event in the Mineral World year exactly like the Rochester Mineralogical Symposium. It may sound scientific and formal, but Rochester is perhaps the most welcoming and inclusive mineral gathering I know. The 2016 RMS featured great talks and photos from excellent speakers on a range of subjects.

Posted by: Raymond McDougall on 01.05.2015 | Filed under: Latest, Recent Mineral Updates

This update features Canadian titanite crystals. One of the most highly-prized minerals from central Canada, truly excellent quality specimens are elusive, both locally and on the international market. These ones are remarkable for their quality and sharpness.

Posted by: Raymond McDougall on 11.25.2014 | Filed under: Adventurers, Bancroft, Ontario, Latest

Many Bancroft Area minerals are classics. Although fine specimens from the Bancroft Area are uncommon on the international market, they can still be field collected. Bancroft mineral collecting continues each year and it is beautiful in the fall. I thought you might like some glimpses of our fall, scenes, wildlife and recent mineral collecting in the Bancroft Area.

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If you’ve ever wondered about mineral shows as they used to be, the smaller-town affairs meant for everyone, from serious collectors to beginners and families, the Bancroft Shows offer a glimpse. There is a lot to be said for this kinds of mineral show, in a beautiful setting among scenery and wildlife, with guided field trips, local collectors and dealers, and some great minerals.