Posted by: Raymond McDougall on 02.28.2016 | Filed under: Latest, Recent Mineral Updates

I’ve added some vibrant chrysocolla pseudomorphs in the new Chrysocolla Update. These specimens have been definitively identified as chrysocolla, on malachite pseudomorphs after azurite. I suspect that they may be a chrysocolla pseudomorphs after malachite on chrysocolla pseudomorphs (partial and complete) after malachite pseudomorphs after azurite. In any event, they are colourful cabinet specimens of chrysocolla!

Posted by: Raymond McDougall on 02.23.2016 | Filed under: Latest, Mineral Shows

Tucson: urban field collecting at its finest! Some years are better than others, and this was a great year at the Tucson shows – many excellent mineral specimens and good fun with mineral friends. This post includes interesting news from Tucson, with glimpses of Tucson specimens to be posted on the website over the coming weeks.