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I’ve added some great new specimens from famous Wasson’s Bluff, Nova Scotia in this new Red Chabazite Update.

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I’ve posted some great chabazite specimens from Wasson’s Bluff in this Nova Scotia Update. This is the classic Canadian locality for chabazite, including the deep-coloured ones that were once known as “acadialite”, and many of the specimens in this update are this colour (there are also very fine cabinet specimens of the nice mid-orange colour.)

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The Rochester Mineralogical Symposium is one of the best annual events in Mineral World. This post about RMS 2017 includes lots of great mineral photographs, with many from prominent mineral photographers Jeff Scovil and Michael Bainbridge. And hopefully, if you missed this year’s RMS, this will help you catch up – and plan for next year…

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Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy has been famous among mineral collectors for a long time – the area includes some of Canada’s oldest classic localities. Today, fine mineral specimens are still periodically recovered along the Bay of Fundy, making this area one of the most productive contemporary regions for Canadian fine mineral specimens. This article includes many photographs to give a better sense of the localities and adventures behind the beautiful specimens from here.

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I’ve added a new Nova Scotia Update, with minerals from the Bay of Fundy. This update accompanies the new post about Mineral Collecting in Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy, with specimens from the classic Bay of Fundy localities highlighted in that article: Wasson’s Bluff, Amethyst Cove and Cape D’Or.

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Great new pieces are on the website in the latest Nova Scotia Update. Most of these are from the collection of well-known Nova Scotia collector Terry Collett. They are top quality specimens! There are super specimens from thumbnail to cabinet, including gmelinite, chabazite, natrolite and golden stilbite. The crystallization and condition of these pieces is superb.

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If you’ve ever wondered about mineral shows as they used to be, the smaller-town affairs meant for everyone, from serious collectors to beginners and families, the Bancroft Shows offer a glimpse. There is a lot to be said for this kinds of mineral show, in a beautiful setting among scenery and wildlife, with guided field trips, local collectors and dealers, and some great minerals.

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The specimens in this Gmelinite Update are sharp, brilliantly lustrous crystals of gmelinite after chabazite from the classic locality Pinnacle Rock, Five Islands, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada. These are from some of the top finds at the locality and are super for the species, from any locality. The crystal growth patterns on these are exquisite.