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I’ve posted excellent specimens from the John S. White Pennsylvania collection. These include some of the best Smoky Mountain smoky quartz specimens known, along with great specimens of classic Pennsylvania minerals and rarities – pyromorphite, celestine, andradite, magnetite, rutile, calcite, stellerite, ruizite, and more.

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This China Update – April 2014 features excellent new chalcopyrite/siderite and tennantite specimens from the Kaiwu Mine (the tennantites have been confirmed by analysis). The update also includes amazing highly distinctive new calcites from Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan Province (including some unique mushroom-shaped ones). I’ve also included a few other excellent quality calcite specimens from Shimen, […]

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Each year when “Tucson” nears, I’m like a kid who can’t wait to race downstairs on Christmas morning. Just the chance to experience the sprawling mineral shows all over the city (known collectively in Mineral World simply as “Tucson”)… there is so much to see! This is a brief blog post about a few finds from Tucson 2014.