Posted by: Raymond McDougall on 01.04.2020 | Filed under: Recent Mineral Updates

I’ve added beautiful specimens of golden stilbite and glassy analcime from a recent collecting project in this new Five Islands Update. These specimens are from a pocket that was in an area of the cliff face often regarded as precarious (fortunately it was safe enough to save these pieces!).

Posted by: Raymond McDougall on 09.11.2015 | Filed under: Latest, Recent Mineral Updates

I’ve added some excellent yellow stilbites on the website in the new Mali Update. Among the nicest and most distinctive stilbites I’ve ever seen from anywhere, specimens from Diamonkara have beautiful colour and form. These new Mali stilbites are perhaps not yet appreciated for what they are – these are striking, colourful display specimens of a mineral that is often pale and drab.

Posted by: Raymond McDougall on 07.08.2015 | Filed under: Latest, Mineral Shows

The annual mineral show at Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines is so different from all others. Sure, we all love the large exciting mineral-filled halls and general mineral mayhem of the large shows, and the hotel shows in Tucson and Denver. But Ste Marie’s character and charm, from the theatre and the tent-lined streets within the show, to the town and the countryside beyond, make this an experience not to be missed.